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Japanese food and hotels- high quality at affordable prices


Japanese hotels
It is very easy to find a hotel in every major city in Japan that can meet the needs of any visitor. Furthermore, it is very easy to find one that is beautiful, convenient, with free wireless Internet, spotless and affordable! In Fukuoka, there are about 20 different hotels like this to choose from ranging in price from $49.00 to $100.00! Japanese hotels are very clean; people here pay attention to the details. Check these hotels out-

Fresh fish-Tuna, Salmon...
Michael Rosenfield

Japanese food
The Japanese live longer than any other group on earth. Why is that? Simple, Japanese food is the healthiest in the world. Not only is it healthy, it’s delicious and affordable. Fine restaurants, of every price range line the streets of every city. No matter what you choose to eat, traditional soup, fish or a fine steak it’s assured to be prepared with care, passion for perfection and love. The food is great.

It’s surprising to see how well food can be displayed in a Japanese grocery store. There are sections of the market where one can buy prepared meals exhibiting such extraordinary beauty the sight of which belong in an art museum. You will get spoiled, then you’ll get jealous of the fact that we don’t have this here! We have meals slopped in a box!

A walk to the grocer’s seafood department will leave you with the feeling of awe! Earth’s finest sushi is here. Astounding sushi creations adorn the coolers they are displayed in. Sushi-chefs take pride in creating delicious food in the form of art whose taste is unworldly. Slabs of sushi grade tuna, fresh as the day, are available for a tiny fraction of what they would cost here. The cost of food in Japan is comparable to that in the US, except of-course for the fish, which is of much higher quality yet much less expensive.

Interestingly, Japanese preoccupation to care and detail is found everywhere, even in convenience stores, including 7-11’s, where there too one can find delicately prepared healthy meals displayed in coolers.

Why can’t we (Americans) give ourselves that same special care and attention to detail the Japanese do, so evident in the way they prepare and display food.

And where can one find is the delicious Sake for $1.99, (“One Cup”) available in every Japanese convenience store?

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