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Japanese Drip Coffee

Sometimes coffee drinkers seek for convenience but don't want to compromise on the taste of the coffee. What should they do? They turn to coffee shops such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, etc. where coffee are brewed fresh daily.

The main concern about these coffee luxury is the 'Price'. Of course, it has the quality, taste, ambiance of the shop and friendly barristers serving you, and so you will not be sacrificing the whole package of the coffee drinking experience. However, price is maybe something that one would be contemplating with when they chose to drink their coffee at these coffee shops.

What is the solution? Japan known for its innovation and creativity in their products, created the "drip coffee", which you can drink at the comfort of your own home.

How this drip coffee works is just like a regular drip coffee but you will have it dripped individually into each cup. It is individually packed and when you open the package, you will see two white "handles" made with paper. These handles serves as the "ears" of the drip coffee which you hang at the rims of your coffee mug.

All you have to do now is remove the top seal of the paper drip (is filled with ground coffee) and pour hot water directly into the opening of this paper drip. Since it is a drip coffee, you will pour your hot water slowly to allow the dripping to commence. You can have seconds or even third with that, just simply add more hot water. However, the more you drip it (after the first cup), the more diluted it gets.

Cost efficient and tasty? Definitely! A home dipped coffee costs around 19 cents a cup, and more if you look for special blends. Try it and you'll see how different it tastes from powdered instant coffee!

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