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Japanese community take issue with Godzilla's obesity

A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' epic action adventure 'GODZILLA' a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
A scene from Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' epic action adventure 'GODZILLA' a Warner Bros. Pictures release.
Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Brothers Entertainment Inc. and Legendary Pictures Productions LLC, used with permission

According to Cinema Blend on Friday, it appears there are mixed feelings about the "Godzilla" movie. The film does seem to be well received by the American people, however the Japanese aren't too keen on the creature's appearance. Previous black and white films produced a leaner version of the monster and has the Japanese rather annoyed that the Americanized version of the over sized lizard is quite wider in appearance.

The Japanese have been poking fun at the Gareth Edwards film by mentioning how much "wider" he's gotten while in the states. One could speculate that he's been eating the people that have been eating fast food causing direct result of chronic obesity. Remarks about him being a seal or perhaps a couch potato of sorts were thrown about.

Internet memes tend to crop out depending the popularity of some kind of event such as a major motion picture hitting the screens or any event for that matter. Hashtags can pop up on the internet making fun of the creature such as, "Everyone gets middle-age spread". Though, these "digs' could be an instigator to possibly leaning the creature up on future films, but that's only a slight possibility as fans tend to have very little influence in a studio's decision making process. Though the creatures backside scales tend to have a remarkable similarity to the original. It's not unlike the "Hail Hydra" internet meme that resulted from the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" move.

Bryan Cranston stars in the film alongside co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the father and son team try to figure out how to handle this mess as the creature rampages through the city. The film seems to follow the days of the old fashioned film of the 50s where they discover during the Godzilla's existence back in those days instigated nuclear attacks against the creature. Though the general public were aware that the islands of the Pacific were mere testing sites for the bombs, it had come to fruition that it was just them trying to kill the monster.

"Godzilla" opens in theaters come May 16.