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Japan tainted food recall as 350 fall ill: High concentrate of pesticide in food

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Japan tainted food reportedly has sickened more than 350 people who ate the products that somehow were tainted with pesticide. The levels of pesticides found in the various frozen foods in the recall were reported to have 2.6 million times the allowable limit to deem the food safe for human consumption, according to on Jan. 7.

Japan’s tainted food recall consisted of a vast array of frozen foods and the recall includes 6.4 million packages of the food made by Marua Nichiro Holdings. So far there’s been 1.1 million packages sent back in during this recall.

This is a large recall which includes frozen pizza croquettes, lasagna and a variety of other products.

While people have reported falling ill after eating these foods there’s been no deaths reported. The pesticide that is in the tainted food is called malathion and its used to kill fleas on pets and people, along with insects in gardening and farming.

The food maker has gotten “hundreds of thousands of calls” from people asking about the tainted food. The pesticides in high concentrations could cause death, so this recall isn’t one that is being done out of an abundance of caution. It is being done to save people from getting sick.

Authorities are investigating how that pesticide got into the food products. The company that makes the food has issued a sincere apology.



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