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Japan's bunny cafes

Pet cafes are the newest rage in Japan, a country where lifestyle often excludes pet ownership due to long work and commute hours and small basic living spaces that prohibit pet ownership.

The rage began with cat cafes, where guests could sip on coffee and enjoy the company of felines and it has now expanded to reptile cafes and bunny cafes.

Yes, bunny cafes. There are a dozen reported bunny cafes in Japan, according to CNN in 2012, and they are booming business.

Customers can lunch while watching the rabbits munch, surrounded by bunny décor and bunny-themed treats.

Customers can also interact with the bunnies with various toys and even cuddle with the rabbits on their laps. In some cafes, rabbit enthusiasts can purchase fancy treats to feed the rabbits.

When interviewed by CNN, café owner Maria Fuwa said, “There are wounds that human beings can’t treat but the rabbit can. Rabbits can comfort people without words.”

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of watching rabbits nibble, groom, and play; or anyone who has enjoyed the soft frame of a rabbit on his or her lap knows the wisdom in these words. The positive effects of pet therapy physiologically, psychologically, and socially have been well documented for over 25 years.

And it is no wonder these pets can magically melt stress, especially in light of this all play and no responsibility scenario. In a pet café, rabbit enthusiasts can get all the cute and cuddly they crave without all the care and cleaning.

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