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Japan quake, nuclear power plant explodes, 9,500 missing (photos, videos)

Japan earthquake, nuclear plant explodes
Japan earthquake, nuclear plant explodes
Getty Images

Japan quake, nuclear power plant explodes, 9,500 missing (photos, videos)

Japan quake, nuclear explosion, 9, 500 missing
Getty Images

The headline news here in San Francisco continues to be about the horrific earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011. The 8.9 earthquake was followed by a tsunami that took away boats, cars and homes (see that video on the left). Over 9,5000 people are missing and this number is expected to rise, according to the Kyodo News Agency.

Now the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was being cooled down has exploded and residents are being told to stay in their homes and cover their faces with wet cloths or masks. Reuters has also reported that there were many injuries as a result of the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant

Over 124 aftershocks and earthquakes have been experienced since the original quake (see that article here)

A second earthquake, not an aftershock, measuring 6.3, hit yesterday.

Here in San Francisco, residents were warned of the effects of a tsunami in a breaking news story. See that story here

But San Francisco residents actually went to Ocean Beach to watch. Luckily there were no major waves. See that story here

The government in Japan is saying more earthquakes and aftershocks can be expected and people are being told to get to higher ground.

More than 80 fires were experienced after the initial earthquake. See that article here

Two tweets that went out on Twitter today from tell of the disaster at the Fukushima power plant:

“@BreakingNews : Japan nuclear plant update: Hourly radiation leaking from Fukushima is equal to amount permitted in one year, official tells Kyodo.” Over 83,000 people live within a six miles radiu of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Another second tweet also from states.

@BreakingNews : Japan nuclear plant update: Area residents told to stay indoors, not drink tap water and to cover faces with wet towels or masks - Sky News.”

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See a slideshow of recent picture of the quake, on the left hand side.

See a slideshow of previous earthquake and tsunami pictures here

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