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Japan earthquake: 124 quakes struck since this morning (video, photos)

Japan earthquake: 124 quakes struck since this morning (video, photos)

Japan, tsunami and earthquake photos
Japan, tsunami and earthquake photos
Getty Images
Tsunami, earthquake in Japan March 2011
Getty Images

Here in San Francisco, the headline news is on the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan.

San Francisco residents are now learning that after the earthquake in Japan early on Friday, San Francisco time, cruise ships and trains have now been reported missing. The Japan earthquake which struck near Honshu, Japan was an 8.9 earthquake. This is the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded.

CNN is reporting that at least 1,000 lives have been lost and that number is expected to go higher.

Video of the tsunami that resulted from the Japan earthquake can be seen on the left hand side.

The tsunami spread across the countryside and took with it houses, vehicles and--San Francisco residents are learning--even five bullet trains. The train stations in the Honshu area are closed, leaving thousands of people seeking alternative means of transportation.

There was a tsunami warning issued for San Francisco earlier today. See that story here Breaking: SF, US West Coast on tsunami warning (photos, video)

San Francisco residents in the Ocean Beach area went out to watch the tsunami, despite the warning. See that story here SF: Tsunami fear? SF residents went to watch (video)

The BBC is reporting that over 80 fires were started as a result of the earthquake and tsunami and a nuclear reactor at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant is being worked on right now to cool it down. The area around the nuclear plant has been evacuated. Officials are worried that radiation could escape.

In the UK, the Daily Mail newspaper is reporting that a cruise ship has gone missing. There were 400 people traveling on it. It's believe the occupants may have been killed.

Now, the website is reporting that at least 124 earthquakes with magnitude 5 or greater have struck near the Honshu coast in Japan since the original 8.9 earthquake struck the area on Friday.

Anyone in San Francisco missing friends or loved ones should contact the State Department.

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Sources: BBC, CNN,, The Daily Mail

See to the left for a CNN video of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Press "Click to play." See the slideshow on the left for recent photos of the tsunami and the earthquake.

See update here: Fukushima nuclear power plant explodes, 9,500 missing (photos, videos)


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