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Japan dolphins: Country defends hunting, slaughtering of dolphins in Taiji Cove

Japan's fisherman have been doing their best to hide from television cameras and reporters as they group dolphins into shallow waters and slaughter them. According to CNN on Jan. 21, 2014, Japan is defending their fisherman as the dolphins are killed in massive amount and even have said it is a focal point of the Taiji Cove commuity hunting season.

Fisherman on boats in Japan catch bottlenose dolphins.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

About 500 dolphins were driven into the well-known Japanese cove even though an unnamed fisherman said that less than 100 would be killed and slaughtered. He said the rest would be released.

Both United States and British ambassadors to Japan have seriously criticized the "drive killings" and cite that "terrible suffering" is happening to marine animals.

When the Japan cove has the dolphins herded in, a number of them are then brought to a killing area. Fisherman wait in the shallow waters by the Taiji Cove shore, some in wet suits with snorkel masks, and wrestle the dolphins into submission.

The tails of the dolphins are also tied with ropes to keep them from escaping.

This year, a tarpaulin was pulled in front of the cove so that activists and reporters could not see the killing of the Japanese dolphins. A large pool of blood came out from under the tarpaulin and ended up spreading across the cove.

"A metal rod was stabbed into their spinal cord, where they were left to bleed out, suffocate and die. After a traumatic four days held captive in the killing cove, they experienced violent captive selection, being separated from their family, and then eventually were killed today," Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activist Melissa Sehgal told Reuters.

Japan still defends the rights of their fisherman and the killing of the dolphins.

"We have fishermen in our community and they are exercising their fishing rights," he said. "We feel that we need to protect our residents against the criticisms."

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