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January monthly update: MOOCs, an experiment in obtaining college credit

January marks the tenth month of Edward De Los Santos' MOOC experiment. His intention is to take as many MOOCs as possible so that he can use them in a prior learning assessment portfolio (PLA) at his intended university. He has completed four courses, which included English Composition I: Achieving Expertise! (Duke University), Internet History, Technology, and Security (University of Michigan), The Ancient Greeks (Wesleyan University), and Genes and the Human Condition (University of Maryland, College Park). Currently, Edward's courses are mostly from Coursera, but he hopes to also enroll in other free and paid non-credit courses. The last time we caught up with Edward, he was waiting on the score for his fourth Coursera course.

Edward, what was your final Genes and the Human Condition score and how do you feel about it?

I earned an 82.8%. I'm happy with the score. The course was challenging and informative without being too heavy. I really enjoyed it.

That's great! Are you currently in any Coursera courses?

Well, I chose to un-enroll from The Modern World: Global History since 1760. Instead, I enrolled in the Coursera self-study class Introduction to Databases with Stanford University. It's IT-related, but not my usual thing so I'm learning quite a bit.

Have you enrolled or thought about enrolling in any other MOOC courses?

I've also enrolled in Kaplan University’s Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit. Since, I'm still in the Winter Park Tech evening course, plus juggling the three college courses and my job, I keep really busy! I may take a history course or a math course, but I haven't decided. It will have to be after the college courses end, though.

I should say so! Edward, thank you so much for taking the time to update us.

Check back in February to see how Edward is progressing with his MOOC studies.

Summary of Edward's MOOC courses and scores (when available):

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