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January is National Walk Your Dog Month

Temperatures are hovering below zero in the Midwest, so, once it moderates you and your dog may want to enjoy a brisk walk out of doors.

Dogs are happier and healthier with frequent exercise and it also benefits their owners as well. Make sure you have reflective items such as leash, doggie coat, or other gear so that you will be safe from vehicles and road hazards due to a lack of daylight hours.

Train your dog not to chase cars or other dogs and people. This triggers a natural instinct and is hard to break once started.

In winter make sure you have a protective waterproof coat for your dog if weather demands it. Doggie boots or use of a protective gel on their pads is a good idea for snow and ice. Remember try not to walk where ice melt is used as this is poisonous to your dog and you should rinse and wash the surfaces immediately once you return to help prevent poison.

Walk your dog with calmness and always practice good etiquette and basic commands. This will insure and safe and fun walk for both of you.

Id for your dog is important and always display your county dog tag on your dogs collar. If he was to get away he could be located quicker, and microchipping is a great way to secure your dog coming home.

Also, let someone know which paths or directions you and your dog may be travelling that helps in case you need to be found. A cell phone is a good idea also.

Taking a camera or using your cell phone's is a great idea to get some special shots of your walk and help to promote National Dog Walking Month.

Remember National Dog Walk Month is a great way to start the new year and start on a fitness plan for both of you. Walking with friends is a special treat also.

With these helpful tips, you both will have enjoyable walk. Why not start with a walk a couple times a week and with weather permitting walk each day.

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