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January is National Train your dog month!

It’s National “Train your dog month” and with that we’d like to showcase two of my very own

Pet Network group, Paw-somely incredible, dog trainers!

We all know that owning a dog with even one bad behavior characteristic can be frustrating for the entire family. It has been said that owning a dog that is not well trained or behaved is one of the top reasons that families fail in providing a forever home for their dog. Yes, families failed…… meaning if we are going to take on the responsibility of adding a dog to our family, it is up to us to help him successfully remain in our family. Training is an area that people tend to forget is a necessity for any problem with a dog, big or small. The difference can definitely be life changing for the better. If you are willing to adopt a dog for life, you should be willing to do all you can to keep him there…..for life.

Please meet our 3 professional dog trainers! They are here for you, they can help. All you have to do is give them a call for your first consultation and you’ll be on your way to owning a well behaved puppy or dog for the rest of their lives! Don’t give up on your puppy or dog! Help is here for you!

Carol Lynn Fox: for all of you who have young puppies and would like to join a highly referred “Puppy Class”, you can read more about what Carol Lynn has to offer with her business; Blue Ribbon K9 Academy

Carol Lynn is an AKC APPROVED GCG EVALUATOR, and is dedicated to providing your pet with the opportunity to learn and grow in fun positive environment.

Sheila Iyengar: by now most of you have heard her name, the “dog whisperer” to say the least. Sheila specializes in the tough breeds so if you have a large dog with some “not so desirable behavior” and don’t know where to start, this is your trainer! Read more about Sheila and her dedication to her rescue, “Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue” and “Lotus dog training.”

Kathrine Breeden is a “Force Free” professional dog behaviorist and trainer. She is the first Texas dog trainer certified by Victoria Stillwell from the hit TV show, It’s me or the dog, and Chandler has her!

Read more about Kathrine’s amazing ability to show you how easy it really is to develop your dogs best personality traits!

Click here to be brought to our PAGE dedicated to our amazing dog trainers.

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