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January Fragrance of the Month: Kat Burki & Hanae Mori

Fragrance featured in the story
Stephanie Yewdell

Each month the beauty examiner is going to feature two fragrances: One for the ladies, one for the guys. Check back monthly for fragrance updates to find the one that best fits your fragrance personality.

This month’s fragrances are two unique options that will set you apart from the standard fragrance everyone is wearing. After picking up one of these bottles you will get tired of people asking what fragrance you are wearing.

As always, ladies first. Kat Burki’s Tubereuse Eau de Parfum ($95) is a garden trapped in a bottle. This beautiful fragrance is a sophisticated, deep, lush romantic tuberose fragrance. During these cold months, the top notes of green, bergamot, peach nectar, orange folded with the middle notes of sweet herbal lily, violet and rose brighten up a dreary winter day.

Men’s cologne can sometimes take over the person wearing it and even the whole room. On the other hand, Hanae Mori HiM ($74) is a unique and subtle men’s cologne. Refining men’s fragrance, this has the best and finest ingredients of Mediterranean fig and Tonka beans, as well as cinnamon tree. From the rugged man to the throwback Mad Man, this cologne is suitable for any guy.

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