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January 8 Startup Rewind features entrepreneurs from Doodlekit and Hammerspace

On Wednesday, January 8, Startup Rewind will feature presentations from Kansas City area entrepreneurs Ben Kitrell of Doodlekit and Dave Dalton of Hammerspace.

Startup Rewind provides forum to Kansas City's budding entrepreneurs.

Networking will start at 7:00 a.m. at the Deer Creek Golf Club in Overland Park, KS (near College and Metcalf) and the presentations will begin at 7:15 a.m.

  • The Startup Rewind is a new outlet for Kansas City area entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Kitrell will speak about his website building tool. He's been developing websites and web creator applications for over a decade, and has a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology.

Dalton will share information about Hammerspace Hobby & Workshop, a 7,000 square foot facility in Brookside where tools and devices of every size are placed for your use at the exact time they are needed.

"It's like a hobby store with a twist or a gym for folks who build and create. It's where you go to exercise your creativity. It's where you bulk up your knowledge, and work out your designs", says Dalton.

At the facility, you can rip a board, sandblast a rusty tool, etch a circuit board, 3D-print a missing piece, or build a robot lawnmower.

"Wood and metal working, silver and black smithing, welding, molding, casting, soldering, electronics, robotics, rocketry, remote control, pinewood derby, painting, or just fixing a broken doohickey. You can learn to do it all yourself," adds Dalton.

Hammerspace Club members at Hammerspace enjoy access to the wood shop, metal shop, CNC room, smithing tools, hand tools and shop supplies.

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