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January 28th: UFO Lobbiest Stephen Bassett and Area 51 Whistleblower speak in Santa Monica

FSCA in Santa Monica
FSCA in Santa Monica
Jessica F.

Area 51 Whistleblower Ron Garner & Washington D.C. UFO Lobbiest Stephen Bassett will be lecturing on Friday January 28th, 2011 7-9pm at Flying Saucers Caffeine & Art in Santa Monica.

Two weeks ago, Michael Horn gave a standing-room-only talk at this coffee shop and owner Ryan MacLeod Morris has decided to make this a series for respected UFOlogists to come and give listeners what they crave most:  Caffeine and UFO information.

Garner and Bassett are two of the bigger names in the Disclosure movement.  Garner is a big reason the Area 51 topic refuses to die out of memory and Bassett is the president of the Paradigm Research Group, a massive source of Disclosure information and a portal to numerous sites and projects.

Morris made a few suggestions via email:  "Lecture begins at 7pm sharp, it could be standing room only (like last time), so if you need a chair come a little early. Be sure to take notes and fire off the hardest questions you can think of, these guys are smart and know exactly what they are talking about. There will be a lot of facts thrown out. I'm lucky to be able to host them... suggested donation of $5, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds."

Notes of importance:

There is plenty of free parking behind the cafe, you can enter the lot from Pico or from 3rd street. Feel free to park in the dirt lot if all spaces are full.

The cafe will be open for serving beverages only from 6pm until 5 minutes before the lecture begins, when all machines will be powered down and you're stuck drinking water!

Flying Saucers Caffeine & Art
306 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405

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