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January 20th TRS247 Indie Top Ten Countdown

Each week, TRS 247 hosts an Indie Artist Top Ten Countdown. It is an interactive segment that features artists from around the globe. Artists are not only chosen by their music, but by their aggressive display of self promotion, their willingness to encourage others, their social media activeness and their self development. A true Indie Artist is always willing to do their own leg work and remain in the game by trying new adventures to get much needed publicity. TRS 247 recognizes this and wants to boost those musicians in many unconventional ways. The Top Ten is one of the ways they help artists advance national and global recognition.

The 1/20/14 Top Ten Countdown winner "Run to Life"
TRS247 Radio
January 20th Top Ten Countdown

To be a part of this weekly music phenomena, email for submission guidelines and a brief description of the show.

As we wish you all a Happy New Year, we also want to give a big shout out to the winners of our January 20th show.

The winners were:

#1 Run To Life
#2 Magda Kaminski
#3 Mark Stone
#4 Dennis Sy
#5 Bennington Band
#6 Lisa Lim
#7 Narrow Plains
#8 Alice Sweet Alice
#9 Linda Clarke
#10 Bonnie McGill

Listen to the show here:

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