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January 2014 trivia

Tradition continues with a fresh set of trivia questions for this first month of 2014. Remember, new questions are posted here every second Thursday of each month. Test your US knowledge then scroll down for the answers. Enjoy!

  1. Which breed of horses is suitable for derbies such as the Triple Crown?
    1. Quarter horse
    2. Thoroughbred
    3. Mustang
    4. Clydesdale
  2. What is the state animal of Oklahoma?
    1. Mustang
    2. Badger
    3. Hummingbird
    4. Bison
  3. What is Tennessee's fourth largest city?
    1. Nashville
    2. Knoxville
    3. Chattanooga
    4. Memphis
  4. What is the nickname for the state of Kentucky?
    1. The Bourbon State
    2. The Bluegrass State
    3. The Prairie State
    4. The Corn State
  5. What is the white ingredient in Alabama’s white barbeque sauce?
    1. Mayonnaise
    2. Alfredo sauce
    3. White mustard
    4. Sour cream

Answers: bdbba

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