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January 2014 brings fun to American Girl customers

Manager Matteo Florio greets customers at American Girl Bistro.
Photo by Larry Galvez

January has been a month full of fun and adventures for American Girl customers, who flocked to the stores to participate in the Afternoon Tea and Craft (served weekdays 2 p.m. -4:30 p.m.) for $12 per person. This includes a scrumptious assortment of finger sandwiches, cupcakes, mini-hotdogs, cookies, and fruits, served in a fancy tiered serving tray. The girls love to play tea party with their American Girl dolls while the adults can revisit childhood. A mini paper doll with costumes is also included in a tiny kit.
On this occasion, Diana Neapolitano made reservations for her daughter, Angelina, who was thrilled to hear that she and her American Girl Molly (discontinued in 2013) would be enjoying the American Girl Tea and Craft. Angelina studies hard and earns good grades. Diane decided an American Girl visit to the American Girl Bistro was in order as a reward. Angelina requested that Lexie Galvez, her best friend, join them for the fun. Even though it was a spur of the moment invitation – a trip to the American Girl store equals a happy time for all. Lexie requested for her grandmother to accompany them. A reservation for four was made for the American Girl Bistro in the Falls store in Florida.
Lexie took two of her American Girl dolls, Rebecca Rubin and Kit Kittredge to the anticipated feast. The American Girl store was full, as usual. In the front was a display of the 2014 American Girl, Isabelle. The girls admired her. Isabelle has hazel eyes and long blonde hair. She loves to practice ballet and design clothes, two of Lexie’s favorite pastimes. Angelina and Lexie talked about their plans for playing with Isabelle, because each had asked her parents for one.
The American Girl bistro is always full. Today, girls were packing the tables, giggling and playing games at their tables, and also with their American Girl dolls.

The hostess led Diana and her party to their table and handed them menus. The menu was full of classic dishes and some revved up ones. Lexie loves the dishes at the bistro, but today she would have a hot chocolate and an exciting array of finger sandwiches and pastries. Angelina was smiling, excited about the treats to come.

Matteo Florio, the American Girl Bistro manager came by to say hello. Matteo has movie star looks and the nicest smile. He makes everyone feel comfortable. Matteo treats guests so wonderful, that they return again and again, for the food and service. Today was no exception. Laughter could be heard throughout the dining room. American Girls were at every table. Mini teacups and saucers were set in front of them, so they can enjoy the feast, too.

Lexie and Angelina laugh, knowing this is going to be another wonderful adventure at the American Girl Store.

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