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January 15th police blotter report

Another week, another survey of the local blotters for those reports of unique quality, whether they are stupid criminals, weird crimes, or special in their own way

Out in Brunswick, a locksmith was called to a woman's home to help her get back into her bedroom.  However, the woman's husband was coming down the hall with a gun in his hand just as the locksmith was finishing up.  The husband cornered the man demanding to know who he was before he finally calmed down and insisted on paying the locksmith for his work -- along with a $50 bonus for the aggravation.  The locksmith pressed charges, however, and the husband was arrested for domestic violence and using a weapon while intoxicated.

Medina has its share of issues, but can also have its caring moments.  Police were called by an Andrews Road resident concerned over a neighbor's well-being as the neighbor had a growing pile of mail on his doorstep.  The neighbor was well, just not getting his mail regularly.

Our final stories come out of Independence.  An employee of the Great Expectations dating service was phoned by a man wondering if her feet smelled and if he could smell them.  After rebuking the man, he became verbally nasty, threatening to rape and murder the woman.  The man called from a cell phone bought with false information.

A local man hit a Nissan with his Monte Carlo on Rockside Road.  Rather than do the proper thing and notify police, he parked his car at a drug store and walked away from it.  Police were notified, given a description of the driver, and followed footprints in the snow to an office complex and puddles to a restroom.  The driver claimed it was his father driving.  Someone claiming to be the driver's father confirmed he was driving and was now at work in Solon.  Police didn't believe that the man got from Independence to Solon, a 12-17 mile drive, in 20 minutes on snowy roads.  Witnesses identified the driver, who is charged with falsification & leaving the scene.  The father is charged with obstruction.


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