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Janitor charged with murder defending against teens attacking with baseball bat

Janitor defends himself against teens with bats and kills with legal gun
Janitor defends himself against teens with bats and kills with legal gun
photo credit WN

Do you ever wonder what must be going through the minds of those protesters who always come to the defense of thugs and street attackers when they cry a river of tears for them because someone put them out of the community’s misery? It almost seems like a bad movie, because whether it was Trayvon Martin or now two Milwaukee teens that attacked a janitor with baseball bats, the victim of the attack is always the bad guy.

Well according to Guns, the victim defended himself as George Zimmerman did in Florida when he was attacked by Trayvon Martin, and shot dead two teens that were attacking him with baseball bats. The unnamed maintenance worker was simply minding his own business and doing his job when three teens approached him and two held him down the other began to allegedly brutally beat him with a baseball bat.

The police instead of giving the man a note of congratulations for not being a victim, who could have easily died due to the vicious attack, was instead arrested on possible homicide charges. Only in America in the times of Obama, can a person be arrested for using his legal gun to shot attackers and end up spending two days in jail with murder charges hanging around his neck.

To make matters worse there is growing indignation in the community in certain liberal circles concerning the man using his gun to shoot two of the three attackers; 17-year-old Anmarie Miller and 19-year-old James Bell Jr., in self-defense reported Guns.

There are all sorts of posters with the two felonious acting teens being plastered at the location of the apartment building where they were shot to show the more heavenly side of the now dead teens who assaulted the man. This is so typical of thug attackers who are given a halo to cover up the devilish horns that fueled their ferocious assault upon the janitor.

What is tragic is that the two teens were a couple and leave behind a child that they both were parents of. According to Guns there is a video which has purportedly captured the entire altercation and shooting which should clear up any issues the injured shooter had in having to discharge his weapon in self-defense.

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