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Janie Lachelle Talley: Mom films son torching himself for online fire challenge

Kids across the nation are partaking in a very dangerous trend of setting themselves on fire, filming it and then posting the video online. This is something that parents should be on the lookout for and use their position as a parent to guard against this. One North Carolina mother was arrested for not only allowing her son to set himself on fire for this Facebook challenge, but she also filmed him doing this for his online entry, reports on Aug. 12.

Janie Lachelle Talley, a North Carolina mother, arrested for helping her son make a fire challenge video and allowing him to light himself on fire.
Charolette P.D.

This asinine challenge is picking up in popularity causing more injuries as hospitals are seeing kids coming in with burns all over their body. Last month a teen in upstate New York burned to death lighting himself on fire. The kids douse themselves with flammable liquid and light themselves on fire, for the online challenge.

41-year-old Janie Lachelle Talley was arrested after police learned that she had not only allowed her 16-year-old son to light himself on fire, but she “facilitated the recording,” reports MSN News. The Youth Crimes Detectives and Social Services investigated the incident after they were alerted to the video posted online.

The teen poured nail polish on himself then lit himself on fire. He panicked when the flames flared up and the other people with him put the fire out. The Charlotte teen suffered minor burns on his neck and his chest. He was one of the lucky ones as kids have ended up in serious condition in burn units after doing this.

Facebook has been active in the removal of these videos, with many of them taken down, but it seems more just appear in their place. Talley is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

According to, back in July a Buffalo, New York 15-year-old boy lost his life after setting himself on fire for this fire challenge. James Shores doused himself with alcohol and was set on fire by his friends. These same friends tried unsuccessfully to put out the fire, but it was too late, the teen burned to death.

CBS Local in Cleveland last month reported on another 15-year-old boy severely burned after mimicking the videos he watched online with kids torching themselves for this fire challenge. His burns will probably affect him the rest of his life, reported one of the fire fighters called out to the scene.

The videos show that many of these fire challenges are done in the shower, so the fire can be doused immediately. In Shore’s case the incident was not done anywhere near water. Police departments around the nation are warning the public about the dangers of this trend. Parents should be stopping this, not joining in as the mother from North Carolina did.

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