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Janie Hendrix recalls older brother Jimi's football artistry

Janie Hendrix is understandably excited about the Super Bowl.

Jimi Hendrix's drawing of a Giants/Browns football game.
James "Al" Hendrix Collection/(c) Authentic Hendrix, LLC

Of course, the Seattle native and younger sister of Jimi Hendrix—who heads his rights-holding company Experience Hendrix--is rooting for the Seahawks.

“The owner is a great supporter of ours,” says Hendrix, noting how team owner Paul Allen, who was inspired by Jimi Hendrix to play guitar, came to the rescue when the company was embroiled in litigation over the late rock legend’s intellectual property rights.

“My niece’s husband, Randall Morris, played for the Seahawks in the Curt Warner days,” she continues, speaking of the running back who played alongside Pro Bowl running back Warner in the 1980s. “And I’m dear friends with wide receivers coach Kippy Brown and his wife and have gotten to know some of the players over the years and hang out.”

A season ticket-holder since before the opening of CenturyLink Field—then named Seahawks Stadium—in 2002, Hendrix is hardly a “bandwagon jumper.”

Besides, her big brother was a football fan.

“Jimi was an artist before he played guitar,” says Hendrix. “He made a lot of drawings of various football teams battling it out--sketches and such.”

She notes that when he was a young boy, her brother played community league football.

“He would watch football games on TV, turn the volume down, and play his music while watching,” she adds. And as she prepares for a trip East for the Seahawks-Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII meeting Feb. 2 in East Rutherford, N.J., she relates another major tie-in between her home team and the Hendrix family.

“Three years ago when we played the Saints there was an earthquake [registered in the stadium],” says Hendrix, noting that her brother’s classic “Voodoo Child” had been played throughout the game, while a picture of him playing at Woodstock was projected on the stadium jumbo screen.

“A lot of the players are fans, and it’s one of their anthems,” she concludes.

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