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Janet Dickerson: The Woman Behind the George Zimmerman Petition

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Social media has been going crazy since the announcement of the George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match. The world has been feeling “some type of way” about the forthcoming celebrity boxing match. And since George Zimmerman is NOT a celebrity but a criminal, Janet Dickerson took a stance and started a petition on to stop the match.

“I thought it was a complete demonstration of disrespect to Trayvon’s parents, to Trayvon himself and to the many people who feel impacted by this injustice, Dickerson told NewsOne. It became clear that people were really outraged by this, so I thought that it would certainly be worthwhile to put up this petition. And I see on his Twitter feed that he is trying to create a racialized event.”

Bravo Zulu Janet Dickerson on a job well done in ensuring justice prevails!

YOU too can take a stance by signing the petition to STOP the celebrity boxing match. Zimmerman is NOT a celebrity!

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