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Janet Chencinski caught lying to policeman to get out of cell phone ticket

Janet Chencinski
Janet Chencinski
Deerfield Police Dept.

Janet Chencinski was stopped by Deerfield, Illinois police on Wednesday at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Friday. The 67-year-old woman was stopped because she was talking on her cell phone which is not legal in the state of Illinois since Jan. 1 of this year.

Illinois New Laws for 2014

Chencinski thought she would outsmart the officer and tell him that she was speaking on her phone to her elderly mother who was having a medical emergency. She told the policeman that she was suffering from heart pain and was very sick. She went on to say that she had told her mother to call 911. After Chencinski requested if she could leave to go to her mother’s home, the policeman gave her permission to leave – with a verbal warning.

However, the officer also called 911 and gave them the name and address of Chencinski’s mother and asked for an ambulance to be sent there.

You guessed it. When the Skokie Fire Department ambulance got to Chencinski’s mother’s house, the mother was fine and not suffering any medical emergency. Besides not being sick, the mother said that she hadn’t even spoken to her daughter on the phone that day.

Chencinski, of the 100 block of Avon Road in Northbrook, Illinois – a northern suburb of Chicago – was contacted by the police. She then turned herself in at the Deerfield Police Department. She has been charged with using a cell phone while driving, obstructing a police officer, and disorderly conduct for having made a false report. Released on $120 bond, she is due in Park City Branch Court on May 6.

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