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Jane Seymour flaunts her amazing bikini body hoping to inspire others

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This week has been a busy week for bikini action. First, there was Demi Moore and now the stunning 62 year- old Jane Seymour. According to People on Jan 3rd, the star shares her secrets to staying in amazing shape well into her 60's.

Jane Seymour was vacationing with her family over the Holiday in Hawaii.She appeared to be very happy, relaxed and well fit. She sported a halter top swimming suit, with a matching body wrap. She has toned legs, arms and a 6 pack abs. She has a figure that women in their 20's strive for. So, how does she stay fit at her age?

Apparently, Jane is very active. She lifts weights, takes spinning classes, golf, runs, swimming, and power walking, and well just being super active. The star told People that she is in better shape now than she was when she did the ‘Bond” movie in 1973. She says she makes a point to stay very active, every day.

When asked about dieting, Jane laughed. She went on to explain she does not diet at all. She said if she is craving a pizza or pasta, she eats it. The difference is now she only eats half of it instead of a whole serving. When asked what her reason for talking about her diet and activity level? Her reply was she hopes to inspire others. She says her weight hovers around 115 pounds.

She is definitely doing something right, because Jane Seymour was rocking that bikini at the age of 62.