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Jane Pauley huckstering for re-imagined Baby Boomers

Former Today Show host Jane Pauley is on tour to promote her vision of how Baby Boomers can re-imagine how to leave their lives.

She took to the television airwaves a couple of days ago with an appearance on NBC’s Today Show to talk about her book, “Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life”.

“Baby Boomers, as we move through changes in life, change things,” she said in an interview with Today host Matt Lauer in discussing how she adapted to changing events in her life, such as carrying twins as as a relative newcomer at age 25 (and replacement to Barbara Walters) on the Today Show.

She has been doing “Life Reimagined” segments on the Today Show - stories about how Baby Boomers were engaging in encore careers and post-retirement pursuits -- in collaboration with AARP:

  • The California carpenter who has become a professional sand castle builder;
  • The retired art teacher who fulfilled a dream and hiked the Appalachian trail;
  • The women who transformed their father’s family farm into an artisan cheese business.

A second major appearance this week was on the National Public Radio program “The Diane Rehm Show”.

Pauley’s premise as she makes the rounds is a pretty simple one: Our lives as engaging productive people don’t end just because our working life professions have ended. She encourages people to discover their passion and act on it.

She mixes in talk about her own struggles with her bipolar condition with the stories of others who are making a different kind of difference after age 50.

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