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Jane Fonda Gives Dating Advice

Jane Fonda was on Rachel Ray. Callers would call in and ask questions. She would give dating advice out. One caller believed in Abstinence but didn't want to lose a relationship.

Jane Fonda advises the caller not to lose her values. The only reason guys walk away if they won't have sex is because they are not the right guy. Guys who walk away with no sex are looking for sex only and not a relationship. The right guy will wait until the girls he is with is ready to have sex. He won't pressure her to do things she is not ready for.

She also claims that a good way to find love is to turn to online dating. There are success stories for people who have found love online.

Avoid going to bars to find love. Bars are okay if you want to have fun with your friends but is not likely to guarantee a relationship. Most guys who are at bars are drunk or looking for one thing. They aren't looking for a long term relationship which can lead to love and marriage. People who usually go online to date are looking for love. Some sites even match you up with someone they think that you are compatible with.

It takes time finding the right guy. Everyone finds that special person at different stages. The right guy who wants a relationship will do anything to make it work. He won't make a girl choose between her values and him. When you love someone you want to be with someone and will do anything to make it work. A good guy will respect a girl for her values because a good girl is hard to find. So don't change because the right guy will love you for you.

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