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Jane Fonda: Fitness First, 'I'm sore - so I must exist'

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, 76, spoke about her successful workout programs and stressed the benefits of working out being more than just a physical benefit - as she believes the benefits are tremendous for emotional health as well. The two-time Oscar-winning actress was interviewed in Australia this week to promote her Fitness First exercise program, according to The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday.

Fonda, who is often-times hated for her past political views, can’t be denied her success in the fitness world. She has built an extremely successful exercise business over the past three decades which has ended up selling an incredible 17 million workout videos since 1982.

On her personal need for exercise, she discussed how exercise has gotten her through her severe life’s challenges, including three divorces and health scares with breast cancer, osteoarthritis, and bulimia.

The fitness queen says, “I believe in fitness, whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you’ve ever been exercising or just starting. It’s important. Maybe the most important thing in having a successful, long life.”

Fonda says that working out has gotten her through the worst emotionally-charged times in her life, as when she was faced with her second husband – politician Tom Hayden – telling her that he was in love with another woman. She got on an exercise bike for five hours and worked out until the physical pain outweighed the emotional pain.

She stresses that working out kept her – and can keep others - from ‘going over the edge,’ emotionally. In the tremendously bad times, she could say, “I’m sore – so I exist!”

On plastic surgery, she says, “I wish I was brave enough to not have had plastic surgery. But I grew up in a time and in a family where how you looked was everything, and I didn’t look right I was criticized.” She said that she had a little plastic surgery done but still wanted to look like herself. She said, “I live in a town where sometime I don’t know who anyone is,” implying that people have had too much plastic surgery.

On her past bulimia, she says it’s over with. She says she watches what she eats by eating all the colors every day, but indicates that she’s not a fanatic regarding food consumption.

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