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Jane Fonda earns envy for sleek physique at 76: Her 'Prime Time' fitness secrets

Earning First Lady Michelle Obama's vote as role model, 76-year-old Jane Fonda appreciated the awe that she received at a pre-Grammy party on Jan. 25. Attired in a form-fitting gown, Jane proved that her life-long devotion to fitness has paid off.

Fit and fabulous Jane shares fitness secrets.
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“I believe in fitness,” said the exercise empress. "Whether you’re young, whether you’re old, whether you've been exercising or just starting. It’s important."

And when it comes to being famous and ageless, Jane rates fitness as number one, saying that exercise ranks as "the most important thing in having a successful, long life."

For decades, Jane's been known for both acting and aerobics. She's sold more than 17 million copies of her 23 work-out videos since her first effort was released in 1982.

And now that she's in her prime, Jane has stepped up her exercise efforts. Her new fitness series is titled, appropriately enough, "Prime Time," and includes "Jane Fonda: Prime Time - Fit & Strong" and "Jane Fonda Prime Time: Firm & Burn Low Impact Cardio."

Among those fitness DVDs: Yoga, which is entitled "Jane Fonda Am/Pm Yoga for Beginners" (click for details). We own this one and vote it as one of our favorite yoga DVDs of all time!

She's also authored a book on that theme: "Prime Time: Love, health, sex, fitness, friendship, spirit; Making the most of all of your life."

First Lady Michelle Obama told People magazine that Jane is her personal role model because the actress is "a beautiful, engaged, politically savvy, sharp woman.”

Jane credits her devotion to working out for helping her get through some traumatic times.

"If you’re in the middle of a nervous breakdown, working out really hard is not a bad thing because it does keep you from going over the edge – it gets the endorphins going," she revealed.

“I know, in the deepest part of myself, the importance of remaining physically active,” Jane continued.

Exercise "makes all the difference in the world."

As for diet, the slim superstar offers these top five tips for weight loss and health on her own Web site:

  • Eat breakfast.
  • Keep healthy snacks available.
  • Never shop when you're hungry.
  • Keep a food diary.
  • Eat a variety of colors.
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