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Jan Rouven Risks His Life on Stage Every Night- Riviera Hotel, Las Vega

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By Sandy Zimmerman

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(Photos shot by Sandy Zimmerman during the live show.)

Master illusionist Jan Rouven, the star of "Illusions", risks his life every night during the show! Jan moved from one dangerous illusion to another, each seemingly impossible yet he performed them so well.

Jan has chosen the scary illusions, those that are rarely attempted. Chriss Angel used a giant Buzz Saw in his Mindfreak show but Jan Rouven does it differently. Two giant Buzz Saws were suspended one at each end of a raised platform with a small open compartment in the center.

When the two whirling Buzz Saws rolled down both platforms and crashed through the compartment, the audience held their breath until everyone saw that Jan was safe!

To my knowledge, Jan is the only magician performing the Bed of Knives illusion in Las Vegas. He was lying down shackled to the flat bed with several large sharp knives hanging above him. A volunteer from the audience kept pulling ropes to release each of the knives as they kept falling closer and closer to his body.

His version of Houdini's famous classic Underwater Escape was brilliant. Bound in chains we see Jan struggling to free himself inside the water tank.
With such excitingly dangerous illusions, Illusions is a MUST SEE show!"

More and more well-known colleagues have become aware of Jan Rouven and support him on his way. His most prominent friend is Siegfried Fischbacher, the blonde man of the duo Siegfried & Roy who were awarded with the title Magicians of the Century.

Siegfried himself was so impressed by the young illusionist's talent that Jan is allowed to exclusively use some original props of the mega magicians in his show.

Within the 10 years of his career, Jan has performed to audiences of up to 20,000 people, more than 3 million spectators have seen him live and approximately 55 million people have been able to view his TV appearances.

He has won some of the most important international awards of the entertainment industry such as the "Magician of the Year" following David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy, the "Audience Award Monte Carlo Magic Stars" presented by Princess Stephanie of Monaco and the "Entertainer of the Year" elected by more than 37,000 members of the '" according to the Guinness book of world records- biggest magic society worldwide. Jan Rouven is Germany's most successful illusionist and ranks among the world's elite magicians.

Jan Rouven appears at the Riviera Hotel.

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