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Jan Brewer anti-gay bill: Loaded Arizona bill has potential to do harm if signed

Governor Jan Brewer has the anti-gay bill in her hands, will she sign or veto the bill?
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Jan Brewer has the anti-gay bill in her hands to sign or veto, which ever she sees fit for the people of Arizona. If the Governor does put her signature on this bill it means that if Arizona business owners assert their religious beliefs, they will have the right to refuse to do business with gay and lesbians, according to CNN News on Feb. 25.

Some are surprised that in this day and age a bill like this was even drafted, never mind waiting for the governor’s decision to sign it into law. The consensus in the media seems to be that Brewer will sign this bill, however Brewer hasn’t offered up so much as a hint when it comes which way she will go with this bill.

She said to CNN News:

"I have to look at what it says and what the law says and take that information and do the right thing."

She is not expecting to release her decision until later this week when she returns back home to Arizona from the National Governors Association meetings in Washington. To say that this bill is controversial is an understatement. If Brewer decides to sign the bill, the state’s tourism industry as well as next year’s Super Bowl could potentially suffer, as the state could face litigation and a boycott.

This sounds like a bill adopted out of the book of Vladimir Putin, but this bill is waiting to be put into law in Arizona, part of the United States of America. All it will take is Brewer's signature, some might find this goes beyond disturbing, it might even be thought of as scary.

Will she veto or will she not veto the anti-gay bill? This seems to be the loaded question of the week in Arizona.

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