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Jan Brewer: Another RINO Coward

Brewer: Blowing in the wind
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So Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed the Bill that would have helped protect the First Amendment religious freedom of Arizona citizens. No one should be shocked or even surprised. This is a governor who, like Ohio's John Kasich, gave Obamacare a big boost by expanding Medicaid in her state.

Words and their definitions matter, especially the word "marriage". There will never be any such thing as gay "marriage", because marriage, by definition, means the union by God of one man and one woman. For this reason, there can be no real marriage outside the church, because the joining of the couple is done by God, not by the persons involved. People who hold these beliefs in their hearts should not be forced by law to compromise them; that is precisely what the First Amendment was designed to protect, and that is exactly what the Arizona Bill that Brewer vetoed would have protected.

When you try to change the definition of a word, you are doing much more than engaging in semantics. For example, let's say we change the word "pillow" to include the physical object commonly known as a "brick". Now, if I threaten to hit you in the head with a pillow, what are you to expect? The soft impact from a feather-packed fabric, or a concussion or cracked skull from a heavy solid object?

My brother Phil was gay, and he was much loved by the entire family. He died of AIDS in 1993. In spite of this, when my father and I were later discussing the issue of gay "marriage", he said: "That's not what your mother and I had". He's right.

Obama and Holder are doing all that they can to deconstruct the Christian values that have built our society, and that hold it together. They believe in their hearts that the government is a good substitute for God, and that the more dependent people are on the government, the better. As part of this ideology (progressivism), they must destroy what remains of Judeo-Christian morality. They are off to a good start, and people who should know better are going along with them.

The peoples' representatives in the State of Arizona voted to pass the religious freedom bill; now it has been vetoed by a Governor who lacks principles and who bends in the direction of every slight political breeze. She obviously does not understand the importance of the gay "rights" movement's seeming inexorable flood of abnormality against morality and American values.

Read here how the Arizona Bill was misrepresented by the media, and what it really is about:

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