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Jan Brett is coming to Colorado Springs!

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
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If you enjoyed the reading of Jan Brett’s books at Barnes and Noble earlier this month, you will be even more excited to meet the author herself! Yes, it’s true, Jan Brett is coming to Colorado Springs! She will be signing her books at Borders (at the Chapel Hill Mall) on March 25, 2010. This is sure to be a hit for everyone! You can see a photo of her Spring 2010 tour bus decorated with rabbits from The Easter Egg on Jan Brett’s website.

The Easter Egg is a new release that will be availabe for purchase on February 9, 2010. If you want Jan Brett to personally sign your book, get to the store early on March 25th (they open at 10am), and pick up a line ticket. This will give you a chance to be in the line and get your book signed. If you can’t get a line ticket, Borders says they will have pre-signed books and/or bookplates you can also pick up. At 5pm, everyone (with or without a line ticket) can watch Jan Brett’s presentation of her book, The Easter Egg.

The Easter Egg is a story about a rabbit named Hoppi who wants to help the Easter Rabbit deliver eggs on Easter morning. The one with the most beautifully decorated Easter egg will win the prized position as Easter Rabbit's helper. While the others decorate gorgeous eggs, Hoppi can’t figure out how he wants to proceed. If you look at the amazing eggs illustrated in the book, you can see that the competition was very strong. Hoppi goes into the woods to think about the project, but a blue robin’s egg falls out of its nest. Hoppi takes care of the little egg until the baby robin hatches. Hoppi is rewarded by the Easter Rabbit because of his big heart. Jan Brett says that everyone has a gift even it they sometimes have trouble discovering what it is, just like Hoppi.

As is always the case with Jan Brett’s books, this book is filled with beautiful illustrations. There are borders filled with lovely flowers and busy rabbits decorating their eggs. There is even a fold out page with the special Easter Rabbit's wagon. Check out the video below to get a sneak preview of The Easter Egg.

You can have fun preparing for this big event with some coloring activities. Print out coloring pages from The book, and other books by Jan Brett, from her coloring pages. If your children are interested in drawing their own pictures instead, Jan Brett also has some drawing instructions on her video page.


Jan Brett's The Easter Egg


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