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Jamie Ryan's birdie in Slammer Tour showdown gets him No. 1 status

Jamie Ryan edged Jack Egan to grab the No. 1 ranking.
Jamie Ryan edged Jack Egan to grab the No. 1 ranking.
Executive Golf

Jamie Ryan rose to the occasion on the 18th hole at the Torrey Pines South Course yesterday to become the new top gun in the Slammer Tour Rankings presented by Combat Hockey.

Ryan and his arch-nemesis and now former No. 1 Jack Egan arrived at the final hole with Ryan one up.

Ryan safely two-putted for birdie, which put the weight of the world on the shoulders of Egan who had to make a miracle eagle chip to keep the prestigious spot.

Egan’s chip skittered past the edge of the cup and Ryan shot into first place.

The Indoor Slammer Tour plays virtual versions of the same courses the PGA Tour is playing each week on Sunday evenings at Golf-O-Max.

This week’s Top 30

  1. Jamie Ryan
  2. Jack Egan
  3. Andy Rajhathy
  4. Bernie Trudel
  5. Travis Lyndon
  6. Allen McGee
  7. Stephane Richer
  8. Brian Kebic
  9. Alain Roy
  10. Rob Leblanc
  11. Lisa Muise
  12. Zac Wood
  13. Chris Langlois
  14. Ian Arsenault
  15. Mike Muise
  16. Scott Laflamme
  17. Marc Loiselle
  18. Bob Pepin
  19. Marc Ffrench
  20. Andrew Penney
  21. Al Fraser
  22. Terry Lauzon
  23. Steve Swanson
  24. Richard Beaudoin
  25. Ted Zimmerman
  26. Joe Devlin
  27. Margaret Zimmerman
  28. Rhonda Devlin
  29. Hunter McGee
  30. Martin Boyer

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