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Jamie Otis convinces fans she is still with Doug Hehner in new picture

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis on Instagram

Jamie Otis of "Married at First Sight" is doing great and now her fans are convinced that she is still with Doug Hehner. On Friday, she shared a photo on Instagram that is making fans think that Doug is still in her bed. This is supposed to be just a picture of Jamie and her dog Lady but it looks like more if you pay attention.

This picture shows her lying in bed and her dog Lady is on her arm. They look like they are really comfortable. Jamie posted a caption on it saying, "This is how we woke up today. She's fast asleep all sprawled out! #lady #love #mylittlebug." At first glance, it looks like just a picture of Jamie and Lady but if you pay attention to it there is more than that on the picture.

Next to her arm and Lady there is another arm. It is obvious that there is someone else on the bed and not just Jamie. It looks like an elbow and maybe it is a man, but you can't tell for sure. Jamie obviously isn't someone who jumps into bed with someone easily so it does look like she might still be cuddling up with Doug Hehner.

Fans are going crazy on the post about how it looks like Doug is in bed with her. They got married back in March so if they are still together that means they are doing pretty good. Viewers have to wait on "Married First Sight" to show if things are going to last or not, but it does look like Jamie might be making it work with her man.

New York Post shared that the show "Married at First Sight" has already been renewed for a second time. At some point in 2015, there will be more couples getting married without knowing their new spouse in advance. Viewers are excited to see it coming back again.

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