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Jamie O’Neal interview: New CD ‘Eternal’ shows vulnerable side of country music

Jamie O’Neal interview: New CD ‘Eternal’ shows vulnerable side of country music
Jamie O’Neal interview: New CD ‘Eternal’ shows vulnerable side of country music
Photo courtesy of Schatzi Hageman used with permission

Jamie O’Neal, one of the most influential women of country music in the early 2000s, will release the newest CD, “Eternal,” a compilation of covers of some of the best, but often little known, songs in country music history. Included on the CD is a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and Larry Gatlin's “I’ve Done Enough Dying Today.”

In an exclusive interview Jamie O’Neal, who has added producer and CEO of Momentum Label Group to her resume, revealed that “Eternal,” which hits iTunes on May 27, was a labor of love. O’Neal’s goal in recording “Eternal,” a CD of cover tunes, was to bring traditional country music to a new audience.

O’Neal, who hit the country music scene with her number one single “There Is No Arizona” in August 2000, said that her goal with this new CD is to show today’s country artists that it is okay to record more than just up tempo party songs. Jamie wanted to bring back songs that people can relate listen to and relate the song to a time in their life where they may have felt desperation, vulnerability, something that is missing in today’s country music.

“Eternal” brings back the songs of the past, songs, while expressing the strength of women, also reveal the need to be loved and accepted by the man in their life. With “Eternal” Jamie O’Neal hopes to show today’s young women of country music that it is okay to show their softer, feminine side without appearing weak. And even though O’Neal wants to bring back the traditional side of country music, she also wants to continue to blur the lines between old and new country music. It is important to Jamie, as a singer, songwriter and producer for country music fans to accept the new sounds in country music. However, O’Neal believes it is just as important that country music also embrace its past. Jamie O’Neal said, “Country music should not just be about filling a cooler full of beer and taking your truck out and having a party.”

The playlist for Jamie O’Neal’s new CD “Eternal” not only includes the cover songs “Golden Ring,” a duet with Andy Griggs, “Don’t Come Home A’Drinkin’,” “Leavin’ On Your Mind,” and “Born to Run,” but her newest single “Wide Awake,” a song Jamie co-wrote with her father James Murphy. “I wrote this funny song with my Dad. It’s an ode to everyone out there who sleeps next to a snoring moose every night.”

Fans can pre-order “Eternal” on iTunes. Visit Jamie O’Neal’s Facebook page or website for tour date updates. “Eternal” will be available in stores on May 27.