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Jamie Lee Curtis overdose: Actress' friend overdoses, Curtis calls 911

Jamie Lee Curtis
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis' friend suffered an overdose and the actress was forced to call 911. On Feb. 27, TMZ reported that Jamie Lee Curtis was bringing her friend to the hospital when things got really bad. Apparently Curtis' friend suffered a bad reaction when she drank alcohol after taking some prescription pills. The result was undoubtedly frightening.

"Law enforcement sources tell us [that] paramedics responded at around 9pm in Venice, CA after receiving Curtis' phone call and found her friend passed out in the backseat [of Curtis' car]," reports TMZ.

Jamie Lee Curtis did the right thing by calling emergency personnel but it's unclear why she didn't call 911 to begin with. If she suspected that her friend was having an adverse reaction or overdose of any kind, paramedics should have been called straight away. Thankfully her friend was able to be treated at the hospital and she is expected to be okay. According to the report, she has already been released.

No word on what pills Curtis' friend took or if this was an intentional drug binge or a "freak" accident.

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