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Jamie Foxx has a spider scared on ‘The Ellen Show’ (video)

Spiders are not Jamie Foxx’s best friend. The accomplished actor has been in dozens of movies and loves to entertain, but when it comes to spiders he would rather drive over them than deal with the bugs. Revealing his dislike to the audience of The Ellen Show on Friday, the fans got to see the man deal with a big spider. Surprising the actor, the human-sized spider walked up behind the actor and gave a shout.

Jamie Foxx shouted right back at the fake spider on The Ellen Show and he was so shocked that he swore. The natural response had everyone laughing as it was such a big surprise to the actor. Laughing at himself after it was over, the joke seemed well planned for the moment.

So why is Jami Foxx so afraid of spiders? As a kid he saw a horror show that involved spiders and spider webs. Apparently the spider web in the show caught a human and the spider returned to the trapped man. That image has stuck with the star and he prefers not to have any spider webs touching him. So to make sure that doesn't happen, he also stays away from spiders too.

Take a look at the video clip of Jamie Foxx getting scared by the spider on The Ellen Show.

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