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Jamie Carrillo: Victim confronts her rapist via YouTube, former teacher arrested

In an incredible video that you have to see to believe, a 28-year-old victim of sexual abuse confronts her former rapist – and records the conversation via YouTube. The viral video, recorded by Jamie Carrillo, was turned over as evidence to authorities, who subsequently arrested 40-year-old Andrea Cardosa and charged her with 16 counts of abuse, including five counts of aggravated sexual assault on a minor.
Andrea Cardosa has been charged with 16 felony counts of sexually abusing a child.

According to CNN on Wednesday, Cardosa, a California educator, was arrested Monday evening and is expected to be arraigned Thursday. Cardosa faces possible life in prison if convicted on the aggravated sexual assault charges.

In the video, Carrillo claims she was abused by Cardosa, her middle school teacher and basketball coach, starting when she was just 12 years old. Carrillo said it began in the locker room with kissing, and escalated to Cardosa taking the pre-teen on trips to have sex with her.

“Everything was stolen from me,” Carrillo told KTLA. “She just completely manipulated me into thinking that I needed her and I wanted it,” Carrillo said.

After years of silence and after learning that her former abuser is still working with children, Carrillo, who now has children of her own, decided to act. Carrillo thought it was too late for Cardosa to be prosecuted, but wanted others to be aware of her vile actions.

“I am 28 years old and have been waiting years to get up enough courage to report a teacher for sexually abusing me for years,” Jamie’s caption on her YouTube video reads. “When I finally got up enough courage to report her, I found out that the statute of limitations was up and she will never have to pay for the things that she did to me.” #JusticeforJamie

"I decided to call her and make a video to let the public know what kind of person is around their children. Her name is Andrea Cardosa and she works with your children," Carrillo says.

In the emotionally charged conversation, Carrillo asks her former teacher why she did it. Cardosa’s reply is: “I regret it.”

“I was only 12 years old when I met you,” Carrillo says. “You realize you brainwashed me and you manipulated me? And that what you did was wrong?”

“Yes,” Cardosa responds. “And I regret it.”

“You ruined my life. You ruined my childhood. Do you realize that?” Carillo asks in her video.

“I regret it every day,” the woman on the line says. “Every day.”

According to the Inquisitr, another student has now come forward with similar claims against Cardosa after Carrillo’s story gained momentum. The unnamed 18-year-old filed a complaint against the Val Verde Unified School District, claiming the district was negligent in employing the teacher and failing to protect her from sexual abuse.

Cardosa was the assistant principal at Alhambra High School when the video went viral, but resigned soon after. She is being held on a $5 million bond.

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