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2014 Winter Olympics

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Jamie Anderson flashes her Olympic gold medal on 'The Ellen Show' (video)

Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson displayed her gold medal to the audience of The Ellen Show. The shiny piece of hardware was her prize for working so hard and winning at the Sochi Olympics. As American fans watched in delight, the athlete won the first Olympic medal in the Olympic women's slopestyle event. The talented athlete made the long trip back to the United States and her first stop was at the Burbank studio to talk with Ellen DeGeneres about her Olympic journey. Tuesday's show offered America a first look at the medal and a chance to meet the athlete off the slopes.

Of course the world wanted to know if Jamie Anderson is looking for love. Is she single? Is she dating? While Ellen DeGeneres got the athlete to share more about her personal status, the fans learned that the star definitely got to meet a few good looking athletes in Russia.

“I got some digits,” said Jamie Anderson about her experience of meeting someone on The Ellen Show. Where were all the good looking people from? “Norway, Canada”

So what’s next for Jamie Anderson? The athlete was surprised by getting to meet some of her family on the show, but there is no doubt she is going home to enjoy some quality time. The Olympic gold medal winner is probably pretty tired from a long flight and needs some relaxation.

Take a look at the video clip of Jamie Anderson talking about her moment during the new Olympic sport. It sounds totally cool!

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