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James 'Whitey' Bulger's belongings to go up for auction

Infamous Boston crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger was convicted for a litany of crimes back in August and later sentenced to two life sentences, plus five years, in November. Now, authorities have announced that they plan to auction off some of Bulger's personal effects in order to help compensate his victims.

The AP reports on Sunday that in addition to the collection of guns and $822,000 in cash discovered upon his capture in Santa Monica, Calif., some personal items such as books about Bulger and the mob, hats, and sweatshirts were also found. Once prosecutors decide which items will be up for bid, a criminal forfeiture auction will be held over the next few months.

Among the more mundane items are pieces of jewelry such as a gold and diamond claddagh ring that, according to appraisal estimates, could fetch nearly $50,000.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary Murrane told AP that though the auction is going forward, authorities plan to avoid any veneration of Bulger in the process.

"We want to certainly be able to obtain funds to go back to the victims who were harmed by Bulger, but we don’t want to do that in a way that glorifies Bulger or potentially causes some offense to the victims or others who have been impacted by Bulger," she said.

As for the families of the victims, who stand to receive some of the funds raised at auction, they reportedly expressed both approval of the compensation aspect and the desire to see everything owned by Bulger destroyed forever.

Bulger was found guilty of 19 counts of murder, as well as conspiracy to commit murder, extortion, narcotics distribution, and racketeering.

The AP report notes that an online auction of Ted Kaczynski’s belongings conducted in 2011 yielded $232,000, while an auction of Bernard Madoff's effects raised $3.2 million the same year.

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