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James Rebhorn dies: 'Homeland' star dead from the skin cancer, melanoma

James Rebhorn died, the "Homeland" actor died from skin cancer.
James Rebhorn died, the "Homeland" actor died from skin cancer.

“Homeland” star James Rebhorn died after a long battle with skin cancer. The “Homeland” star played Claire Danes’ “perpetually worried Dad,” according to TMZ on March 23.

Rebecca Rebhorn, James’ wife, said that her husband was diagnosed back in 1992 with melanoma. He actively treated this disease since he was diagnosed.

Rebhorn’s wife said that he insisted on working even while battling his condition. He worked right up until January in a performance in the theater. The very distinguished looking Rebhorn was memorable in his many portrayals in both TV and movies.

His condition took a drastic turn for the worse recently. This is when he was placed under Hospice care at home in New Jersey. Rebhorn had many characters to his credit in his five decades of acting. He played in “Meet the Parents,” “Scent of a Woman” and “Independence Day.”

TMZ also reminds their readers that Rebhorn played the lawyer on the “Seinfeld” series finale. He was the lawyer who put Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine behind bars.