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James outscores Durant but Thunder roars past Heat, 112-95

These two awesome teams took the court tonight in Miami just as the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico: don't worry because the sun will be back tomorrow over the Atlantic Ocean on schedule. These two teams are on schedule though the floor they play on seems like a dimension of space they're just floating over to get to heaven.

This bird is unconcerned about the snow in Oklahoma and greets the OKC Thunder as they arrive in Miami.
Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It's like heaven watching Lebron and Durant: or Superman I and Superman II. Did you see these two teams tonight on ESPN? Team work does create results and don't worry about tomorrow because, tattoos and all, the NBA works for us.

This is the greatest generation: the one you see now. No disrespect to the World War II generation is offered there by me.

So what does an angry consumer of politics do for fun: I watch the NBA!

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat: January 29, 2014...7 P.M.

I had my fill of b.s. today on MSNBC so I turned on the Heat and found the Thunder was hiding in the clouds only to roar from down 18 points to take a 5-point half time lead. I surfed between my faves on tv.

Hubie Brown did this game for ESPN and he never fails to bring an intelligent play-by-play analysis. And what a game to cover.

Kevin Durant did his amazing usual job of floating in space and creating a magic much lke Lebron does. He's just a little bit longer and some--including LeBron--think he's unstoppable.

He is unstoppable.

OKC picked up six first half steals and sprnted to 15 fast break points in the first half. Miami is quick and not even a half step slower but just slow enough that their potential fast break points weren't there.

You could see the dimension of movement that stopped the Heat: it was, though, exciting to watch.

By the second half-- in the third quarter--the Thunder had pushed the 55-50 half time lead to ten points.

The second half proved that Miami owning their own home floor didn't concern the Thunder much. You can imagine that Kevin Durant has a lot of emotional energy goin' on in his head in anticipation of a game like this.

The two-time defending champs and LeBron got the Thunder hyped up but there was no hint of tension as OKC launched threes to the tune of 13-21 by the end of the third quarter.

Say what!

Miami at the same point in the game was 2-15 on their threes with LeBron goin' 0-4 despite puttin' up 27 points.

Only 27 points you say?

Kevin Durant had 28 points at the end of the third quarter. At that point both teams were shooting one made shot over 50%. They were competing but the Thunder were making threes and Miami was making twos.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant were having a personal battle tonight I suppose some people would suggest: Lebron scored 34 to Durant's 33.

In the end the Thunder floated out of American Airlines Arena and possibly don't need a plane to get to their Friday game against Brooklyn.

Their sprint into and out of Miami was impressive to hoops fans.

The final score was the OKC Thunder 112 and the Miami Heat 95.

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