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James Middleton causes a stir while the Duke and Duchess set up firms

There is always something happening whether it is in the states or abroad. It seems that there has been a new occurrence that will be turning heads from the royal family members.

What is happening with the Middleton's?
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James Middleton on Jan. 18 we’re told by the International Business Times that there were some somewhat embarrassing photos posted on Facebook of Kate Middleton’s younger brother. James for whatever reason, mostly likely a prank or a laugh among friends posed in some unusual clothing or costumes.

One photo was of him in a navy blue polka-dot dress that was taken at a party at the Edinburgh University. Then there was another showing him in an inflatable sumo wrestler’s costume.

When people have fun and are enjoying a good laugh they can forget who they are and who they are related to. Not only that; the thought of the flash from a camera doesn’t cross their minds. Whether James was just having fun or trying to make a point we may never know but we’re sure something will be said about the photos that have gotten out over the media lines with him in compromising outfits by someone from the family.

In the meantime, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge set up some business accounts to protect their brand. That is, if they ever decide to create one. Now they will be covered officially if they decide to have products with their endorsement on them sold without worry about anyone infringing on their branded products.

It is said that this business firms that were set up will most likely remain dormant and not be a form of trading. At least they will be covered in case they do need to take action over another in the event that these firms do become active.

Life is always interesting to say the least when you are in the public’s spotlight!

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