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James Maslow's backflip shocks fans on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (video)

James Maslow offered up a great routine on Monday night during Dancing With the Stars and he definitely had the attention of everyone when he kicked off the segment. While the moves on the dance floor were solid, it was the backwards jump off the table in the center of the stage that made the fans go wild with enthusiasm. According to Ace Showbiz on Monday, the performance was full of energy and got the approval of all four judges.

What really set the segment apart from other performances was the back story. James Maslow was bullied badly in high school and in 2007 he overcame the obstacles her face from other people. The dance started off slow and in front of a desk, but by the time he was jumping off with a back-flip the music picked up and so did the routine.

So what happened to all those bullies that Maslow was stuck dealing with earlier in life? Apparently they are stuck at home watching James on the television and working a regular job as that taunting didn't get them any further in life

Take a look at James Maslow’s performance on Dancing With the Stars. Don’t forget to vote for the entertainer if you like his moves as everyone needs to do their part so he can win!

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