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James Kigar of Yoga South, Boca Raton

Maybe it was the “no-frills” way of teaching class, the Hemingway-like way of presenting only necessary information. Maybe it was the efficiency of the martial artist or the drive and straight line approach with which a man approaches the elements of life. What ever it was, James Kigar’s class at Yoga South in Boca Raton was one of the most effective and challenging classes this Examiner has had the pleasure of experiencing in a long time.

The first sign of the intensity of this practice was the number of people waiting for class to start while in head and hand stands. It was no surprise that the class started without much preamble and introduction, somewhere in the middle. This particular class, Friday night at 6:30 pm, was unapologetically challenging designed for the more experienced practitioner and an excellent way for any type-A, high octane personality to spend ninety minutes (if this Yoga class doesn’t slow you down, no other will).

The class included the traditional Surya Namaskar A and B, the ubiquitous Upward and Downward dogs (you know … for “rest”), but the rest of the class was somewhat of a blur for this practitioner. Swift but not rushed, it traveled through poses long forgotten, never seen, and many known but avoided (ahem…). Yes, Headstand, Handstand, Crow and variations, and many other less pleasant arm balances show up often, making this a good class for anyone looking to develop upper body strength.

Savasana found this Examiner wondering whether she had ever felt her eyeballs (or the muscles around them) throbbing. A memory of practicing martial arts with an Israeli sergeant jumped to mind. Much kinder on the body and with considerably fewer bruises, this class left yours truly trembling from eyes to toes, sore for days, and with an awareness of a practice in need of some kick. Just one drawback …

Remember that Yoga class you saw in that movie where everyone looked really good and was super strong? Not that you ever look or compare… but if you did, be aware: you’re going to be in that class! However, the teacher and the class will make it worth it. Kindly, gently, and simply, James Kigar of Yoga South in Boca Raton will hand you your “you know what” on a beautiful platter. Namaste.


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