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James Kennedy responds to Tom Sandoval's claims he's out for fame (Exclusive)

James Kennedy and girlfriend Kristen Doute, of 'Vanderpump Rules.'
James Kennedy and girlfriend Kristen Doute, of 'Vanderpump Rules.'
Russell Stuart/Twitter (@RussellStuart)

James Kennedy is speaking out in regard to a few of Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval's latest claims about him and his relationship with Tom's ex, Kristen Doute.

During a Feb. 24 interview with OK! Magazine, Tom had some not-so-nice things to say about his fellow SUR employee.

"As far as James goes, I mean, we were friends," Tom stated in a portion of the interview. "He's a busser at SUR who, you know, lives with his parents and doesn't have a hindsight, in knowing James I've realized the guy is definitely desperate to be on the show and is willing to pretty much do whatever it takes to do so. First it was being friends with me...and then, you know, lo and behold, I find out that behind my back he's pursuing Kristen and, you know, lying to her to try to get her into, you know, a relationship or whatever."

In response to Tom's claims, James is speaking to The Examiner exclusively, revealing that what Tom has said is far from the truth.

"After watching the interview Tom did yesterday with OK! Magazine I was a little taken back by everything he said," James revealed. "As he goes on about how he was big brother to me, I laughed. Yes, Tom is older than me however he would vent to me as if I was the older brother asking me, a '22 year old', for advice about life and his issues. It's funny to me how he tries to say I don't have a car when I actually do and it's certainly not the Honda Civic he drives."

"As for my apartment, I had my own place for over a year. Yes I'm at home now but I've already found my new place and it will be ready to move in very soon," he continued. "I was actually very thankful my parents let me chill over at their place in Beverly Hills so I didn't have to rush into moving somewhere I didn't like."

All in all, James was pretty confused that Tom would have been talking about him at all -- let alone in such an extensive way.

"Tom has this weird obsession with me," James stated. "I don't know whether it's because of the whole Kristen thing or whether he envies the music I can produce, but at the end of the day he seems to talk, think, and just dwell on me for what seems to be a big part of his day. I think he should maybe focus his energy on something that will actually help his future. Maybe he should spend more time with HIS girlfriend rather than fixate on the fact that Kristen and I are happy."

Although James and Kristen's relationship is new, the pair appear to be having tons of fun together and have been spotted around Los Angeles and several events. Over the weekend, Kristen supported James at an event in which he and Scheana Marie's fiancé Mike Shay were performing.

As for his relationship with Kristen, James says it was never something he plotted out in the way Tom insinuated to OK! Magazine.

"I didn't plan Kristen and I. It's not for the show, we hang out everyday, and seriously have a great connection," he said. "She is an amazing girl that's into pretty much everything I'm into. I'm not the type of person that can fake a relationship. It just baffles me."

James also opened up about Tom's claims on the reunion that he was nothing more than a "bus boy."

"I'm not just a busser at Sur. I'm a DJ/Music Producer in the EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music)," James explained. "I've opened for some of the world's biggest acts in front of sold out arenas, much more exciting than Tom's biggest show at some dive bar with his band mates. Nice try, 'mate', but you're sadly mistaken!"

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