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James Gordon: The Journey From Being Bullied to Becoming the Greatest Poet Alive

James Gordon came from being bullied to being the greatest in his craft
James Gordon came from being bullied to being the greatest in his craft

When it comes to being the greatest at anything it shows that you have the ability to not just perform well at your craft but excel at it as well. In that case there is no wonder that poet and author James Gordon of Chicago, IL calls himself G.P.A. or Greatest Poet Alive.

I've had the privilege of interviewing the talented wordsmith a couple of times on Conversations LIVE, and each time the passion for his craft shined through, proving to me that he understood that if you are going to talk the talk of being the greatest you have to be able to back it up with action. As a bestselling author and a dynamic spoken word performer he has been able to do just that, and now he is a nominee for what else---Poet of the Year in the National Poetry Awards.

With the deadline for votes to be cast just days away, G.P.A. shared with me not just a bit of his inspiration but why he always feels like a winner.

G.P.A. Thank you for taking out the time to talk with me again. For those who are just being introduced to you what first led you to the power of words?
Reading has helped my writing a lot. I read things like Frankenstein, Anna Karenina, and what turned me on to Poetry was Cyrano De Bergerac. My Dad made me look up words I didn't know and use them in sentences.

To call yourself the Greatest Poet Alive takes a lot of confidence and courage. Where did those two qualities come from?
I was bullied, called ugly,etc, so I didn't feel that good about myself as a youth. I prayed on it, but I began to do things that made me feel good. Whether it was listening to Genesis, reading comics, working out, or playing video games, I did what enjoyed. From there, I wanted to be the best at everything, and that includes Poetry. If you do not believe in yourself, then what can you do? Nothing.

It's one thing to write words out. What has it been like to perform your words for others and see the response? Performing is an electrifying experience. I'm up there, and everyone is hanging on my every word. Oh my Gosh!!! Writing is my thing, but performing feels as though I'm a wrestler in a title match or Kobe or Lebron in a playoff game. Nothing like it.
You're currently part of a competition for Poet of the Year. How did that come about? What a great honor!!! These people, these wonderful supporters saw fit to nominate me. I'm overwhelmed by it all.

How can our readers participate and vote? Here is the link:
You can vote as many times as you want until July 20th!!

Thanks for the time, G.P.A. We're rooting for you. Outside of the competition how can we stay connected with you? Thank you Cyrus for this and all you have done to facilitate my career. Website: Facebook: G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) Twitter: gr8estpoetalive Reverbnation: Greatest Poet Alive.

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