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James Franco Writes About Denying Sex With Lindsay Lohan

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Recently, Lindsay Lohan has been a woman full of controversy. She is one of the celebrities featured a lot in gossip blogs, magazines and talk shows in the recent past. Unfortunately, all the publicity she is getting is for the wrong reasons. It seems there is nothing good she has done. One of the things that made people focus their attention so much on Lindsay is the list of people she claims she had sex with. One of the people found on the list is James Franco.

Most people know James Franco as the guy who constantly posts controversial selfies on his Instagram account. In fact, that is what may have boosted his fame. His fame got a another boost when he was named in the famous Lindsay Lohan’s sex list. Many people know him now thanks to the 'passionate night’ he spent with Lindsay in a hotel room. This is all documented in a fictional essay he wrote.

According to the, the 36 year old actor has written a piece to retaliate the claims about him spending a night with Lilo, 27. The fictional essay he wrote for Vice Magazine centered on a character named Lindsay Lohan. He writes that Lindsay visited him in his hotel room, Chateau Mermont in LA. The piece has been titled Bungalow 89. James writes that Lindsay knocked at the door and asked if she could sleep on his couch because she was lonely.

When he decided to let her in, they went to bed together. He says that they lay in bed together and that he had no intention to have sex with her. She put her head in James shoulders and she started talking. She talked for a very long time and he didn’t stop her. James goes on to write that while she was laying on his chest, he ran his fingers through her head wondering what she was going to do. He hoped that she would get better because she is famous.

James Franco says a lot of things about Lindsay Lohan. He explains who she is and why she is famous. He explains that Lindsay is famous because she was a child actress who was very talented. But he claims that now she is only famous because of getting into trouble. He says that she is a woman who is so damaged today. He reveals that there was a time when she could not get work because she could not be insured. People were hesitant to give her work because they feared she can leave the sets to go a party. It appeared that this was the reason why she stayed jobless for a long time.

James Franco further explains how her career suffered and her arrests. He says Lindsay has been arrested for causing car accidents, DUI, stealing and for other reasons. However the arrests and all the bad publicity never caught her emotions because of all the attention she received. She felt that they gave her as much attention as she used to get when she was a famous child actress. Her two performances, one on real life and the other in film had finally melted into one.

By now, almost everyone knows how the real Lilo feels about the piece written by James Franco. Surprisingly, she has not complained about how her privacy was breached.

The list of 36 people that Lindsay said she was involved with sexually as published in January by US magazine In Touch. Apparently the list was left behind in a Beverly Hills hotel.

James Franco is not the only celebrity on the list. Other big celebrity names in the list include Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron and Adam Levine.

In April, James had admitted that he had kissed Lindsay but insisted that he has never had sex with her. He said that was a big lie and swore on his mother’s life that he never slept with her when he was being interview by Howard Stern, one of Shock joc radio DJs. He said that he can swear on anything that he never had sex with Lindsay. He clarified that the only thing they did was sharing a lame kiss and that was it. He said she was delusional and was shocked to see his name put on that list. So it appears James Franco did not sleep with Lindsay Lohan.

You can read James Franco's full essay he wrote here: Bungalow 89