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James Franco tries hooking up with 17-year old; Elaborate movie promotion?

Supposedly, James Franco tried hooking up with a 17-year old girl from Scotland. Was it an elaborate movie promotion?
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

On April 3 Gawker reports that James Franco apparently tried to hook up with a 17-year old girl on Instagram while she was in New York on an early birthday trip from Scotland.

Lucy met Franco after his Broadway performance of "Of Mice and Men" while in New York. She took a quick video of the two of them, which he requested that she tag him in. Afterward, Franco proceeded to hit on the girl whose birthday isn't until May. While she kept requesting proof that he was really him, which she did receive, in the end the two decided not to meet up and he asked her to not tell her friends. Lucy then posted all their conversations to Imgur for the world to see. Once the information was out, Franco tweeted;

"I'm Not! I hope parents keep their teens away from me. Thank You."

Certainly, this looks very suspicious behavior, and it did happen on April Fool's Day, some are claiming that it could very possibly be a very elaborate promotion for Franco's upcoming movie "Palo Alto" about a teacher that has an affair with a student.

While possibly absurd, this does seem to fit the bill for a promotion of exactly that type of movie. There is also an infantismal possibility that this could be a hoax.

What do you think of James Franco potentially trying to hook up with a 17-year old girl? Is it real?

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