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James Franco posts shirtless selfie in bed with Keegan Allen

James Franco
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for AOL

The last few months have been busy for James Franco. From flirting with a minor on Instagram to denying claims he had a sexual relationship with Lindsay Lohan, Franco has been the talk of the town. Both critics and fans are wondering just what kind of stunt Franco will pull next. According to a May 4 report from E! Online, James Franco and Keegan Allen posed shirtless in bed and took a selfie in order to cause chaos on Twitter. Allen and Franco have worked together on several projects and consider themselves friends.

Right now James Franco is appearing in “Of Mice and Men” on Broadway, which is where Keegan Allen visited him backstage when the selfie was taken. The two have worked together on several occasions, mostly where Franco is directing and Allen is one of the actors. The selfie picture the men took happened when Allen asked Franco for advice when taking a “bedroom” selfie. It was definitely meant to be a joke and Franco wanted to cause a little trouble on Twitter.

The Twitter feed for the hashtag “James Franco” has been buzzing about his recent activities. The selfie in bed with with Keegan Allen didn't cause as much chatter as Franco expected, but the almost-nude selfie did. The comments range from positive to negative, with many asking what is going on with the actor's weird behavior. Fans are speculating about his attention-seeking stunts and wonder whether or not James Franco may be on a downward spiral.

James Franco has been involved in a lot of sexual situations over the last several months. He is a good-looking actor, but several fans are beginning to doubt his intentions. The latest selfie Franco posted was quickly deleted from his Instagram account. There is no telling what will happen next in Franco's life but fans are hoping he is going to settle down for a while.

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